Syrian Family Featured in “The Cincinnati Enquirer”

Monday June 26, 2017

Our Syrian family was featured on the front page of the June, 26, 2017 edition of “The Cincinnati Enquirer.”  Bassam has been working for Clarence Howell in his shoe repair shop in Pleasant Ridge since Alberta Hemsley (Philippines ’67 -’69) helped Bassam find that job.  Clarence, who grew up in the Jim Crow South, says that Bassam reminds him of himself and has come to see him like a brother.  In turn, Bassam says that he can tell Clarence cares about him and his family.

Click here for a link to the story.

There are several references in the article to the Catholic Charities volunteers who have been helping the family.  CARV was originally introduced to Bassam and his family by Catholic Charities and we have been very active with them ever since.

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