CARV Supports Sherbro Foundation

CARV is a long-time supporter of Sherbro Foundation, which is dedicated to the education and empowerment of the people of Sierra Leone. Founded by CARV member, Arlene Golembiewski (Sierra Leone ’74-’76), Sherbro successfully supported the Bumpeh Chiefdom through the Ebola outbreak and is now actively involved in new and continuing projects. Arlene recently returned to Sierra Leone and brought back a lovely note from one of the school girls CARV has helped.

Click here for more information about The Sherbro Foundation:


Peace Corps Partnerships

CARV supports Peace Corps Volunteers in the field who are raising money for projects through the Peace Corps Partnership Program.  We have helped Volunteers from our local area with their community programs in their host countries.

For example, CARV lent its support to a project to provide computers in five public high schools in the Philippines. Five PCVs organized the effort, including Mary Phillips, who grew up in Dayton and attended Xavier University.

We also supported Elise Stephens, a native of the Cincinnati area, who was teaching English in Ukraine.  Her Peace Corps Partnership Project is provided quality English textbooks for her school.

Refugee Resettlement Service Project

When Bassam Osman and his family arrived in Cincinnati as refugees from Syria in 2016, the only work he wanted...

The Osman family now has seven children -  three teenagers, five children in school and three little Buckeyes born in...

In the coming months, Afghan families are expected to begin resettling in the US, including in the Greater Cincinnati area. ...

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