CARV Hears a First-Hand Account from a DACA Recipient

Monday March 12, 2018

At the March Gathering, CARV members heard from Sandra, A DACA recipient who is a senior at Butler Tech High School and from Samantha Searls, Program Manager at the Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center.  Vicki and Jerry Witkowski (Honduras ’77 – ’80) in spite of Jerry’s recent plunge from a 25 foot ladder (he is on the mend but has a bad broken ankle).

The IJPC has multiple programs promoting peace and social justice.  In the area of Immigration, they sponsor an Immigrant Learning Community to explore important issues, an Immigrant Dignity Coalition of twenty organizations in our area to advocate and educate for immigrant rights, and the YES (Youth Educating Society) program, which empowers young immigrant leaders.  Sandra is a member of that program, where she and her peers seek non-violent solutions to problems, reassure DACA students, advocate and stage protests, and manage a You Tube channel.

Sandra arrived in the US from Mexico with her undocumented father when she was six.  She recalled how strange the country seemed at first (carpet was a revelation, for example) but she is now a DACA recipient and expects to graduate shortly from the culinary program at Butler Tech.  She has been able to get a driver’s license and find employment.  She has one year left in her DACA eligibility but is concerned that she may not be able to pursue higher education due to the uncertainty currently surrounding DACA.

Samantha updated the group on the various attempts to address the status of children brought to the US, including the IJPC preferred solution, a “clean” DREAM Act with a path to citizenship.  Click here for a link to the IJPC website.  The attachments are some materials that the group provided at the meeting.


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