CARV Gathering Hears Presentation on Alternatives in Health Care

Monday January 13, 2020

At the CARV Gathering on January 12, 2020, CARV member Dr. Jeanne Corwin (Central African Republic 85 – 87) described the state of healthcare in the US, comparing costs and outcomes to those of other economically developed countries.  Jeanne is a member of Physicians for a National Health Plan and SPAN Ohio, advocating for a single-payer form of health care.  Along with her colleague, Dr. Ernie Ciambarella, Jeanne defined universal healthcare coverage as a situation where all people have access to healthcare without suffering financial hardship.  This can be achieved by socialized medicine, as in the UK, where the government owns and operates the entire healthcare system.  In contrast, a single-payer structure, also called “Medicare for All,” is one where the government provides national health insurance but care is provided by private institutions and individuals.

Jeanne and Ernie described the current situation as complex and opaque, with various tiers of coverage depending on the type of or lack of health insurance held.  Jeanne told several stories of patients who came to her with advanced stages of disease because they hadn’t been insured or had been underinsured.  They noted that medical bills are the major cause of financial bankruptcies in the US.

Our country ranks highest among developed nations in health spending, with approximately 30% of those costs going to administrative overhead.  We also rank worst in such measures as life expectancy and infant and maternal mortality.  Jeanne’s proposal is for National Healthcare that would be universal, comprehensive and not-for-profit.

Thank to Pete Nerone (Togo 83 – 87) for hosting us at the Center for Great Neighborhoods in Covington, KY.

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