Support CARV

In the past, CARV has supported Peace Corps Partnerships with local Peace Corps Volunteers in their host countries, including projects to provide computers to high scholls in the Philippines and quality English textbooks in Ukraine.  CARV also invests Sherbro Foundation to help with development efforts in Rotefunk, Sierra Leone.  Sherbro was founded by CARV member Arlene Golembiewski (Sierra Leone ’74 – ’76) and has community-led projects in a variety of areas including girls’ education, orchard planting and computer literacy.  CARV also sponsors social events for members, including the annual picnic and Oktoberfest celebrations and conducts service projects in the Cincinnati area.

You can donate through the website, at a CARV meeting or by mailing a check made out to CARV to our Treasurer, Barry Adamson, 744 Springfield Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45215


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