Banni Water Project a Success

Monday January 6, 2020

CARV member and currently serving PCV, Leah Greiner (The Gambia), has sent this update to her Peace Corps Partnership Project. CARV supported her project in 2019 with a $500 donation. Thank you to members and friends who continue to support CARV through your donations.

Dear CARV,
Thank you all for your donation to my community’s water project. We successfully installed the full system in early December and are already starting to see some wonderful results, including:

  • 7 out of 11 households have reported creating home gardens, which will help with household food security and allow the women to become more financially independent when they start selling the vegetables at markets.
    • 20 girls have reported that they will be enrolled at school full-time instead of being in charge of fetching water for their family.
    • 72 out of 130 women and girls have reported more free time and less body pain (the old hand pump was a real workout).
    • The time spent fetching water has also decreased from an average 2 hours a day per woman to 30 minutes a day.


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